Daily Magic

Get The Edge!

This is a FREE download that I got from TonyRobbins.com.  I downloaded it back in April 2011 and decided it made sense.  I did the Daily Magic program (that Tony discusses in these discs) every day and within 1 year my business grew to over $1 Million per year and I had met Mike who was perfect for me!  The following year my 6-figure income had doubled.  I created all of this using the tools in the Get The Edge program by becoming the person who could attract these things into her life.  Now, Mike & I use this program to create the life we desire together.  Our wish for you is to use it to create the life you desire as well.   Much love, Lori & Mike <3

PS. I took this picture of Tony Robbins myself. He was standing directly in front of me at the Unleash The Power Within seminar in San Jose, July 2012. I went with my family and friends to this event and we all did the fire walk and played full out! What a week to remember!

Ultimate Edge – Disc 1

Ultimate Edge – Disc 2