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Lori’s Story

My story starts off with the sage advice, “Go to school, get good grades, get a job in Corporate America, have a family and live happily ever after!”.  Boy, did I follow that advice with perfectionism!  I went to school.  I got great grades!  I even went to college on a Division I volleyball scholarship.  We won the Big East Conference tournament my Junior year and I was the proud recipient of the MVP Award!  I majored in mathematics and computer science and actually started and finished my BA in 4 years with that SAME major!  I graduated college with no debt.  AND, I got a job, in my field of study, in a booming industry, when I graduated!  Heck, back then, they didn’t even have PCs in offices let alone on your phone!  The future was in technology and I was on my way!  I even got married that same year and embarked on my life of following the clearly laid out path so many of us choose…totally convinced I was “doing it right”; totally by the book!  Well, fast forward… 17 years [3 kids and a beautiful, 3-story, custom-built, Victorian home equipped with a regulation size beach volleyball court in the backyard] later… and so the story goes…we were still trying to do it right…yet, life was like Ground Hog Day.  You know, get up, go to work, come home, do the family thing – whatever that maybe, and go to bed…repeat!  Next thing you know…so the story goes…DIVORCE!  Uh oh!  Now what?  3 little kids, a big house, and tag, you’re it!  After 17 years as a systems analyst, I was doing ok, but certainly not THAT ok!  The divorce wiped us out.  So, I was basically starting from scratch … from behind the 8 ball.  I thought, I’m not going to take another 17 years to get back to square 1.  I need a better plan!  The rest is history.  I literally read a book, and in one day, made the decision that would alter the course of not only my life, but my boys’ lives, too!  The book was Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.  Everything I read made perfect sense to me!  I thought, why don’t they teach us THIS STUFF in school?  I could have used this formula for sure!  Anyway, I had some new-found knowledge, but I was far from having any extra time, money or resources to follow through on anything in the book.  So I guess that’s where most people stop.  They read it, and say, “I can’t do that!  I have no time, no money and no resources to do anything like that.”  I thought, I have no choice but to do it!  The plan I invested my whole life in had no promise of anything.  Yet I followed it to the letter despite the evidence that it clearly lead to The Rat Race and broken marriages and unnecessary debt…all of which I had successfully achieved by following it.  So, what did I do?  How did I do it?  I accessed the only thing I had available at the time, which turned out to be the BEST thing I could have done!  I called up my sister who was working with Herbalife and asked her to teach me.  I had only been using the products and I knew they worked.  That was it!  I had no idea that the company was so awesome.  I had never even heard of network marketing or multilevel or anything like that…thank God!  It didn’t deter me because I only saw the good in the company and what the products had done for me…for 3 years by living a healthy active lifestyle, I’d been able to maintain my ideal weight without
any rigorous exercise while sitting at a desk 8-9 hours/day, my digestion had improved and I was feeling great!  I figured this is something I can do from home to make some extra money.  What I soon found out, was that I had just accessed the gateway into all the elusive concepts described in the book simply by joining the company!  You’re kidding?  Where have I been?  Living under a rock?  I asked.  To this day, I still don’t know the answer to that question.  And, really, I don’t spend any time on finding the answer to it.  All I know is, I’m doing it!  I may be thick, quick to judge and stubborn, but I’m not stupid!  My life has been altered for the better out of a personal tragedy because I was desperate and humble enough to become teachable.  That decision was made in December 2001.  I have been living a life of personal development and improving the lives of others since I joined Herbalife.  I have done so much work on myself, including the Daily Magic by Tony Robbins, that it’s transformed my life in ways I never could have anticipated.  I just followed the plan…“work harder on yourself than you do on your job”…and magical things will happen in your life.  Although, it was a foreign concept, and not what most people say everyday, I figured no one ever promised me a magical life by going to school and getting good grades…but here, they were and are living it, teaching it, supporting ME in it!  So what did I have to lose?  I had already lost everything I’d invested 17 years into working a plan that almost guaranteed me just what I got!  This was a guarantee that I basically committed myself to…I’ll either follow it to the letter and succeed like all these other people, or you’ll find me dead on the side of the road from trying.  Well, I’m happy to say, I’m FULLY alive and through hard work, time and dedication, I am living the live I always wanted and with the perfect mate!  So, who says, happily ever after can’t happen?  In the immortal words of Jim Rohn, “If the promise is clear, the price is easy!”

Mike’s Story

After graduating from Northwood University (Midland, MI) in 1988 with a degree in Business Management, I spent a couple of years bouncing around trying to find my career.  Like Lori, I did what I was “programmed” to do – find a job, get married, have the kids, get the house, the minivan, the dog, etc…  I found my place in the Solid Waste and Recycling industry and proceeded to climb the ladder.  I started in the Garbage business in 1992.  In the twenty years to follow, my family and I would move eight times in the pursuit of a better opportunity.  Most moves were with the same company, and all of them were unsettling, at least, for my family and I.  BUT, this was what you did if you wanted to succeed, right?  Michigan, Maine, Ohio, Arizona, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts…all to grab the next opportunity to improve myself – or so I thought.  As I climbed the ladder and improved my income and position, I came to discover something very important…I didn’t matter to the company!  Time after time as I jumped into a new opportunity I would work ridiculous hours and turn companies around, consolidating companies, buying/selling companies, implementing operating standards at national companies, saving/making these companies millions and millions.  And in the end, no one remembers what you did last year or two years ago, they don’t even remember what you did two quarters ago!  All that mattered was their earnings, stock value, shareholder value, etc.  As soon as there weren’t enough earnings a restructuring ensued and big change happened.  Sometimes I was charged with managing the restructuring and making the difficult decisions on who got to keep their job and who didn’t…and sometimes I was the one someone else was making that decision for.

Through this time I learned a ton and saw some great places in the Country. I also developed many wonderful friendships all over the country that I will be forever grateful for.  This was the most difficult for me as I became so emotionally involved in my work that when it was taken away from me, or when I would make the decision to leave for a “better” opportunity, leaving those people with whom I had developed those strong relationships was terribly difficult.

Also during this time I had developed an interest in Zen, which expanded in multiple directions to include many subjects and disciplines – mythology, philosophy, other major world religions, physics/quantum mechanics, and more.  Aside from the time I spent with my family, the best times of my day were when I was reading, writing, meditating, listening to audio tapes, or taking classes such as Aikido, Tai Chi, etc.

As time passed, the dissonance between what I did for money and what brought me happiness and fulfillment continued to grow.  As hard as I tried to create a meaningful culture which was based on trust, inspiring employees, and being a true Servant Leader, this style was not only unappreciated, but unrecognized in that industry.  Everything was relative only to its impact on the bottom line and people were simply resources who were often referred to as FTEs (Full Time Employees).  Success was measured by the number of FTEs we could eliminate, and the dollars generated at the bottom line.  This obviously was not in accord with who I wanted to be and how I wanted to earn my living.

Around 2009 everything collapsed for me.  Following a relocation in 2007 from Arizona to Vermont I found myself in 2009 bankrupt, divorced, and moving yet again for a new job – this time by myself away from my kids.  I’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say it was brutal.

I finally got back on my feet in the fall of 2011 and took a job in Westborough, MA with a small, private solid waste and recycling company.  I met Lori on April 1st, 2012.  Over the next few months we talked about her business; what she does and how she does it.  I was familiar with the business model, but that was the extent of it.  As time passed I learned more about her business and even attended a few trainings.  Fundamentally there was a huge glaring difference from what I had known for the past 20+ years in the garbage business!  This company culture was entirely based on “want to” and had no “have to” in it at all!  Each Herbalife distributor was independent and therefore in control of their own destiny.  The rate of growth and success in the business is simply a function of the individual’s effort, consistency, and quality.  As a “performer”, this idea very much appealed to me.  I loved the idea of being 100% accountable for my business and its performance!  No more “external dependencies” affecting my career!

Still, I took some more time thinking about it and trying to get more comfortable with the notion of leaving a career I was so familiar with.  In the end, in May of 2012, I was fortunate to be thrust out of my comfort zone by my employer.  Yet again, the profits weren’t where they needed to be, and despite my quantifiable positive impact on the company which equated to millions year over year…I was out.  This was the Universe giving me a little nudge!  From that point I jumped into working with Lori full time and building our Herbalife business.

I can honestly say that it is the best career move I’ve ever made!  Are you kidding me?!  All I do is help people make meaningful, positive change in their lives!  And I get paid to do it?!

No one’s life is without its little bumps, I certainly still have mine.  However, where I am today was unimaginable to me just a couple of short years ago.  For some reason unknown to me I have been blessed to have Lori in my life and to live a life and have a schedule that is better than I ever thought possible.

The lesson?  For me I am reminded of the saying “sometimes it is difficult at the time to understand whether what is happening in our lives is poison or medicine”.  I would never want to go through those very difficult times again and certainly don’t wish that on anyone.  However now I can see that what felt like poison at the time turned out to be medicine.  It had to be because everything that happened led me to this place here and now!

I am filled with gratitude and blessings in this life.  Lori and I are working together and building our dreams every day.  As Tony Robbins says at the end of his Daily Magic program we listen to when we walk together every day, “Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves you.  All you have to do it feel the magic.  Feel that magic and love this day!”

He’s right!  I’m feeling the magic!!  J


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Bahamas Cruise June 2013

Bahamas Cruise June 2013