14 years AGO, I was scared…no terrified…at the prospect of being a single mom responsible for raising 3 young boys.  My youngest was 4 at the time and I thought, “What am I gonna do for the next 14 years?”  Boy, had I not been faced with that dilemma, I may have never taken a chance at a new destiny…

14 years later my boys have grown into handsome fine young men.  I am happily settled with the perfect man for me, the best job in the world and a grand future ahead!

I can only say that I am truly blessed to have had that hardship in my life.  I was forced to take inventory, forced to re-evaluate what motivated me, forced to make real changes in my thinking, my outlook on life and my personal philosophy.

I was always a hard worker.  I was an accomplished athlete.  I was good at my craft as a software developer and systems analyst.  I just wasn’t getting anywhere fulfilling…I was actually going in reverse…recently divorced, 3 young boys to support & raise, and scared to death at my probable, almost certain future.

I wish I could tell everyone to get to rock bottom ASAP, so they can see what’s on the other side, but sadly, we can’t rattle people to the core with warnings.  We humans, myself included, will stay comfortably uncomfortable FOREVER!  What happens if we never have a life-shattering hardship?  What happens if we never hit rock bottom?  What if we never so much as experience a scare?  OMG!  We could MISS it!  We would miss out on the most extraordinary life because we never got to the point where we said, “My life HAS to change…NOW!”

For those who are reading this…and feeling like there’s GOT to be MORE…I’m here to say there IS!  The sad thing is…you aren’t going to believe me…you aren’t uncomfortable ENOUGH…you haven’t hit the end of your rope (dang that rope is sooooo long!)…you will stay right where you are…and possibly miss the BIGGEST thing that could happen for you and you don’t even know it…you don’t have any idea what it could be…and neither do I.

All I know is…the “luckiest” people rose up from the worst of hardships!

My wish for you is that your hardship comes sooner than later!

Merry Christmas!  Happy 2016!