My Mom Kicked Some A$$!

My Mom Kicked Some A$$!

I love that my boys are young men now all grown up getting into their own lives. The memories of when they were young boys seems not so long ago.

I’m glad I worked from home and decided to leave my corporate job because those years go by in a blink.

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For all you mommies out there, working your corporate jobs, thinking it’s so important to have that demanding, significant career, all the while secretly you’re feeling like a failure at everything … there’s hope!!

There is real significance and importance and real recognition, a sense of accomplishment and tremendous support, and a willingness to lift you up into your greatness more so than you ever could imagine.

Just take a look, an honest real look, at what’s available to you around your family and career, living the best of both worlds with a network of rockstar, unstoppable, killer sexy moms that will fight for you to be strong and successful!  You can be at every event and coach their teams or be a superstar spectator!

Don’t forget…It goes by in a blink!

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******* Is it one of those “get rich quick” schemes? ******

Change your mindset change your life!

The vehicle I chose over 14 years ago was probably by the average person’s standard definition a “get rich quick” scheme.   And, compared to the 17 years I had already invested into my career as a systems analyst, only to end up back at zero after a divorce, 10 years to become financially independent WAS pretty darn quick!  However, it wasn’t easy to raise 3 young boys while supporting the household and taking on learning to build a successful home-based business.  I can say, that it was worth!

Why?  Because, those years go by in a blink!  And, you can never get them back…

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I was fortunate.  I read the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki as a recently divorced mother of 3 young boys.

The author was not proposing that I get rich quick, but what he did share is how to get rich … economic independence has nothing to do with “quickness”, but when compared to the reality of NEVER getting to the point of financial independence or getting there eventually, how EVER, long it takes… may seem “quick”.

Had I never read Kiyosaki’s book, I never would have pursued it.  Especially, being a recently divorced mother of 3 young boys with no extra time, no extra money and no extra resources.  Helping people achieve economic independence is something I have devoted the past 14 years of my life to.  I’m mostly thankful I didn’t have a closed mind when I needed another way.  I never would have learned about, nor been open to, a “better” way.  It’s not “get-rich fast”.  It’s more like… Is it even possible for the average, hard-working person to achieve true wealth (i.e., your time is your own and never trading it for money!)?  And, the answer is, absolutely!

**** Change your mindset change your life!  ****

The vehicle I chose was probably by the average person’s standard definition a “get rich quick” scheme.  Compared to 17 years as a systems analyst, 10 years was pretty quick!  And, it goes by in a blink…


And, I hope my boys always think back and say, “My mom kicked some a$$!”

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