Leaders are among us…

Leaders are among us…

As I reflect on the Leadership training from this past weekend, I cannot help but be grateful for having the opportunity to discover and uncover my greatness, my leader within me, my drivers, my passions, my opportunity to live an extraordinary life and to help others find these things within themselves!!

“There are leaders among us as we go through our every day life…”, says 40K Executive Presidents Team member, Graeme Edwards. And, it hits me…imagine if we never stuck our neck out and took responsibility for finding them???

My God, where would MY life be?? And all the wonderful people that have joined us? And those still yet to be found?

There are people, ordinary people, doing ordinary things, leading ordinary lives that have unbelievable greatness to impact their communities and this world and they don’t even know it !!

I never knew I had greatness inside… What it felt like was a burning desire for MORE, to DO more. I could FEEL it. It said, “What else is out there?” “I know I’m capable of so much more than I’m doing!” “I have more to give, to accomplish, to learn, to become!” I just didn’t know how … I had no vehicle, no guidance, no vision… All I had was a burning desire deep down inside of me that was driving me. It was always there wondering, asking, looking…

That’s it!! Do YOU have it??

We have to take a stand to seek out and find those people…they are among us!! Every day!!

Let’s all take a stand to find the leaders among us!! You could be sitting right next to one…ask the question…