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If you’re curious about our product line, please feel free to visit our website. We offer a FREE consultation before providing any product recommendations. This ensures us of being able to serve you properly, as well as to establish a client/coach relationship based on a mutual understanding of the commitment required to make your wellness goals a reality. Contact us for your appointment TODAY!

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Are the products safe?  Please watch this video which explains how our products are made and why they are soooo awesome! Herbalife’s Seed to Feed Manufacturing Process (vertical integration)


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How do we get our clients?  Business Models.  Fit Camps.  What are they?

Dr John Heiss - Developer of Herbalif24

Dr John Heiss – Developer of Herbalif24. Click here to meet him!

H24 Fit Camp

Herbalife24 Fit Camp at Roger Williams Park, Cranston, RI

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Healthy Active Lifestyle Activities gather customers in an environment where Herbalife members can help them to become more active and then introduce them to Herbalife products and the nutritional benefits they offer. Click here to learn more about this business method, its evolution and how it has duplicated World Wide!  Anyone can start a fit camp!

Herbalife24 – Peak Performance Athletes

The Herbalife24 community is made up of professional athletes, adrenaline junkies, healthy families, and anyone putting on workout clothes, lacing up running shoes or taking steps toward a more healthy, active life.  You may be an Herbalife24 athlete and not even know it!

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2015 College Athletes Prepare...

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